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It is the honey gather from the valley of flowers. The taste of this variety can be traced back to the beautiful flowers in Kashmir. It is one of the sweetest forms of honey that is usually used as an artificial sweetener. It also possesses multiple healing properties. This variety is in great demand in the export markets owing to its multiple properties.

It is the honey collected from the bee hives of the wildest forms of Honey bees (Apisdorsata)existing in India. This variety of rare, organic, unheated honey is obtained by tribal groups residing in the virgin forests of India. These honey foragers gather this honey from regions which are rich in ayurvedic flora.

Proper fueling of the liver is central to optimal glucose metabolism during sleep and exercise. Shudh Lychee Honey is the ideal liver fuel because it contains a nearly 1:1 ratio of fructose to glucose. Fructose "unlocks" the enzyme from the liver cell's nucleus that is necessary for the incorporation of glucose into glycogen (the form in which sugar is stored in the liver and muscle cells). An adequate glycogen store in the liver is essential to supply the brain with fuel when we are sleeping and during prolonged exercise. When glycogen stores are insufficient, the brain triggers the release of stress hormones—adrenalin and cortisol—in order to convert muscle protein into glucose. Repeated metabolic stress from cortisol produced when less than optimal liver glycogen stores are available during sleep, leads over time, to impaired glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, diabetes, and increased risk for cardiovascular disease and obesity. Shudh Lychee Honey may promote better blood sugar control.

Eucalyptus honey is known as the “dark in colored honey”, with a rather strong medicinal taste. and a strong aromatic odor. India is rich in source of eucalyptus honey . Eucalyptus honey is an unparalleled substance; it is strengthening, blood-forming, blood-purifying, nourishing, and besides, produces appetite. He advised adding, on account of its reconstructive power, one to three tablespoonfuls to any diet.

10 gm blisters

Gift set of 50 gms of 4 variants of Bee The Change honeys. Serves as an excellent gifting option.