Bee The Change


Bee The Change is a social entrepreneurship venture that aims towards social development brought about by a team of young, energetic and motivated volunteers. Our volunteers visit remote rural areas, spread awareness about benefits of bee keeping and impart them the requisite training. Apart from the training, we provide them bee boxes and bee colonies, that too free. Yes. We bear the cost of these colonies and we do not just stop at that. We buy back the honey produced from these bee colonies at a predetermined price from these trained bee keepers.

Bee The Change has delivered training at several places in the last few months. The beneficiaries of these training are mostly rural women, rural uneducated youth, poor rural people, farmers, tribals and several other sections of people that constitute the bottom of the pyramid. Several beneficiaries have experienced change in their social as well economic situation owing to our efforts.

The marketing aspect of the products procured from our network is done by team Bee The Change. The processing, bottling, labeling and packaging of our products is done under extremely hygienic facilities located at several location around Mumbai.


Shrikant X

An IIM Grad with nothing but ideas in mind, courage in heart and energy in his body, this time gathered the required support and clout to deliver upon his idea. Having spent a major span of his life at Nagpur, he has been a close observant of the tormenting situation of the farmers in Vidarbha, but not a silent one. His idea of empowering the farmers by means of imparting bee keeping training, providing them support and marketing their produce has resulted in the idea of being the part of change that the nation needs at this moment. He has been instrumental in existence of Bee The Change concept from inception to recognition.

Swapnil Sawant X

He is ever-energetic, enthusiastic and charismatic. One will never fail to notice the aura of positivity he creates around him and how he that infuses the same energy not only in the team but also in the clients. He brings with him a set of values and principles that has been responsible for the tremendous growth of the organization without compromising with the soul of the organization. The initiator of best practices, he is the driving force behind the innovation in the organization. His passion for his work and desire to learn is exhibited in his belief that each day should be made better than yesterday by learning something new. He believes in educating and empowering people around him; creating entrepreneurs and leaders so make a bigger impact to the society and with this vision he has been associated with many colleges where he serves as a visiting faculty. When he is not working he likes to devote his time to his family, books and sketching.

Padmapani Tilwe X

“Key lies in the execution and not the idea.” For more than fifteen years, Padmapani has been about setting high standards for life, creativity, and wisdom. The calmness and reticence that he exudes into his surroundings masks his seemingly endless quest: an odyssey in search of excellence and perfection. He is passionate about travelling and exploring new places in general and also related to culture and architecture. In his leisure time he enjoys reading.

Gaurish Chandawarkar X

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.” The ever enthusiastic and energetic, Gaurish is known for the aura of positivity he creates around himself. Always eager to learn, he likes to read about new concepts and explore new ideas. This is reflected not only in his designs but also in his teaching.


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